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Things That Should Be Done Before Meeting With A Personal Injury Attorney
April 9, 2017 — by Mace Yampolsky | Comments (0)

The reasons why a person decides to hire a personal injury attorney are endless. A person may have been psychologically injured, emotionally injured, and even physically injured because of another person’s reckless or negligent acts. A Miami personal injury attorney from Percy Martinez Law Firm can give the victim the legal representation that they will need in this long journey that awaits them. The length of a case can never be truly determined. The victim deserves to have all the damages done to them repaid, especially if they were not the ones responsible for their own accident. Meeting and hiring… Read More →

Sex Lies and Greed.
March 3, 2017 — by Mace Yampolsky | Comments (0)

NO I am not talking about my 3 most recent dates. This is how I opened my final arguments in a Federal Trial I had last week. My client was unjustly (I really mean it this time) accused of having unwanted physical contact with an employee She said that he touched her many times and said she had nice legs and he tried to kiss her twice Once was an alleged open mouth kiss and then there was an alleged attempted kiss, but she turned her head away, so he kissed her on the cheek. I told the jury that… Read More →

LSD Is Back Baby!
January 11, 2017 — by Mace Yampolsky | Comments (0)

 No, don’t worry I’m not going to tune in, turn on and drop out.But I did read an interesting article in the NY times about a writer Ayelet Waldman who suffers from mental illness, a topic near and dear to my heart. As I said to the national Forensic rights conference as their Keynote speaker after winning my US Supreme court case on Forced medication of a Defendant ( With thanks to SNL character Chico Esquela) Mental Illness has been Bery Bery good to me! No I didn’t drop acid, but I did write this article. LSD: The New Super… Read More →

Recreational Marijuana is Legal… Now What?!
January 4, 2017 — by Mace Yampolsky | Comments (0)

Weed, Mary Jane, ganja, skunk, reefer, herb, cheeba, pot, hash, grass, marijuana… no matter what you call our fond green friend, it is all finally legal! A roach, a joint, a bow, a cig-a-weed, you can legally smoke it all in Nevada beginning on January 1, 2017, thanks to voters’ decision regarding Question 2, the legislation making it all possible. You can certainly ring in the new year in style, of course, with some limitations and rules. It is important to get a general idea so that you can smoke in peace, without worry of violating any of the new… Read More →

Gird Up For Gerd
December 2, 2016 — by Mace Yampolsky | Comments (0)

  If you are suffering from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), acid reflux or heartburn, the condition may cause a false high reading in breath analysis for blood alcohol content (the BAC test).  While a blood test directly measures blood alcohol concentration, the BAC measures the amount of alcohol in the subject’s breath.  The amount of alcohol in the deep lung air is thought to correlate to the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream.  The Blood Breath Partition Ratio assumes that 2100mL of breath contains the same amount of alcohol as 1 mL of blood.  In analyzing a subject’s breath sample,… Read More →

OK Miss Medical Marijuana Card Holder, No Guns For You!
October 11, 2016 — by Mace Yampolsky | Comments (0)

You have the right to Bear Arms. In Nevada. You Have The Right To Consume Medical Marijuana. But maybe not both In Wilson v. Lynch the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit held that federal law prohibits registered medical marijuana users from legally purchasing guns. Guns and Medical Marijuana Don’t Legally Mix (depending on which ingredient you put in first!) The plaintiff, S. Rowan Wilson attempted to purchase a gun in Nevada. Wilson contacted a firearms dealer who refused to sell to her because Wilson held a medical marijuana registry card.  The dealer was acting under federal… Read More →

Better Not Eat That Candy!
October 5, 2016 — by Mace Yampolsky | Comments (0)

New labeling for edible marijuana products in Colorado New safety measures go in to effect in Colorado on October 1st 2016 to make sure that all edible marijuana products are properly labeled. To avoid any confusion, a new universal symbol will now be used for all food containing marijuana. Many marijuana retailers have already been doing this for months. Regardless, any products without this symbol will be taken off the shelves as of October 1st 2016 The products will now come with a diamond-shaped stamp and the letters THC. This not only applies to the packaging, but on the edible product itself,… Read More →

Transparency Is What We Need!
September 15, 2016 — by Mace Yampolsky | Comments (0)

We Vow to Keep Fighting for Transparency and Open Government Forty journalism and open government groups, including the Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC) & (Defending Dissent Foundation ) DDF on September 14th 2016 sent a letter to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest ( Oscar Wilde wrote a play. The Importance Of Being Earnest The plays protagonist, Jack Worthington pretended to have an irresponsible black-sheep brother named Ernest who leads a scandalous life in pursuit of pleasure and is always getting into trouble of a sort that requires Jack to rush grimly off to his assistance. In fact, Ernest… Read More →

What Facebook Should Have Said To The US Senate!
August 9, 2016 — by Mace Yampolsky | Comments (0)

The chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee South Dakota Republican John Thune, previously demanded that FACEBOOK explain how it handles news articles in its “trending” list, responding to a report that staff members had intentionally suppressed articles from conservative sources Hey Facebook What Are You Gonna Do About This Stuff? In a letter dated May 10, 2016 (A copy is attached) the chairman, Senator John Thune, Republican of South Dakota, asked Facebook to describe the steps it was taking to investigate the claims and to provide any records about articles that its news curators had excluded or added. Mr. Thune… Read More →

You Can Record The Police. But They Don’t Like It!
August 2, 2016 — by Mace Yampolsky | Comments (0)

You Have Every Right To Photograph That Cop The Fairfax VA, Police Department acknowledged this and implement a New Policy that outlines your rights to record police activity Taking photographs and video of things that are plainly visible in public spaces is a constitutional right — and that includes the outside of federal buildings, as well as transportation facilities, and police and other government officials carrying out their duties I’ve written about this in the past. With the development and prevalence of increasingly portable technologies, people of all ages are capturing more and more moments on video, including law enforcement activity.… Read More →

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