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What Experience Does Attorney Mace Yampolsky Has In Criminal Defense?

For over 30 years, Attorney Mace Yampolsky has been achieving successful outcomes during pre-trial negotiations as well as in the courtroom, defending clients on nearly all types of criminal defense cases.

Felony And Misdemeanor DUIs

There is an interesting contrast between misdemeanor DUI and felony DUI. In a misdemeanor DUI, if you are driving or are in actual physical control of the vehicle, and your blood alcohol level, often referred to blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is over 0.08, you can be convicted of a misdemeanor DUI. Or if you were under the influence of alcohol to any degree however, slight and it makes you incapable of driving safely you could be convicted no matter what your BAC is. The actual language of the statute is “… under the influence of intoxicating liquor to any degree, however slight, which rendered the Defendant incapable of safely driving and/or exercising actual physical control of a motor vehicle…”. What this means is if your BAC is less than a .08, you still could be convicted of a DUI.

In order to be convicted of a felony DUI with death or substantial bodily harm, you need to be the proximate cause of the death, i.e. you need to be responsible. Let’s say for example, you are driving down the street and have a 0.08% or more blood alcohol concentration level. An opposing driver then hits you and he dies. Even though your blood alcohol level may be over the legal limit, you would not be convicted of DUI with death or substantial bodily harm because you were not the proximate cause of the accident. However, you could be convicted of misdemeanor DUI under those same circumstances. A misdemeanor DUI conviction obviously is a lot less serious than a DUI with death conviction, which has mandatory prison time up to 20 years. In order to defend these types of cases, the one question that must be answered is, ‘Who is responsible for the death?’ Because that is an essential element of a DUI with death case.

Apart from DUI cases, Attorney Mace Yampolsky also handles a variety of other criminal defense cases at both the state and federal level. He has handled hundreds of Domestic Violence cases, both misdemeanor and felonies. He is death qualified, which means he is qualified to handle capital murder cases. Those cases are very serious and carry a potential death penalty.

He is also on the Murder Panel and has handled street crime cases, a great number of white collar crimes, welfare fraud cases and “grant scams”. A grant is money from the government or private institutions that you may use. It is not a loan you do not need to pay it back.

These types of cases are essentially, a scam in which a company takes your money in return for assisting you in obtaining grant for your business. The grant is supposed to be much more than you have paid unfortunately, these grants never materialize. The Federal government will prosecute everyone involved: The owners of the company, the people that help set up the business, the people that convince unsuspecting victims to fork over their hard earned cash.

In these cases, the owners and the sales people invariably maintain that they did nothing wrong, even if hundreds of victims paid them and not even one grant materialized. The Government will prosecute them for wire fraud, mail fraud, securities fraud and conspiracy.

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