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More Evidence Needed For Bunkerville Retrial Says Defense Lawyer
May 8, 2017 — by Mace Yampolsky | Comments (0)

LAS VEGAS – Prosecutors have been given two months to strengthen their case after jurors failed to reach a verdict in the case against some of the people charged in the Bunkerville standoff. A mistrial was declared by a federal judge in Las Vegas, although one person was convicted on two charges, and another one was convicted of eight charges. However, the jury could not reach a decision on the remaining four men, all of whom were facing 10 charges. It is unclear how the government failed to get convictions. Many considered the prosecutor’s case weak while others said it… Read More →

Mace Yampolsky Huffington Post Interview
July 4, 2016 — by Mace Yampolsky | Comments (0)

From The Wrong Side Of The Tracks to Sin City’s Top Criminal Defense Attorney How This Las Vegas DUI Lawyer Helps People Get A Second Chance At Life? Mace Yampolsky grew up on the wrong side of the tracks just north of Boston in Revere, Massachusetts. As a young child, Mace watched many of his neighbors run into trouble with the law. We’ve all made mistakes before: running a red light, failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, forgetting to pay parking tickets. Some of us have even had a couple of beers and foolishly driven… Read More →

My Experience Arguing in Front of Antonin (Anthony) Scalia Supreme Court Justice
February 17, 2016 — by Mace Yampolsky | Comments (0)

Antonin Scalia died. I didn’t agree with him often but he was an intellectual force for the conservative wing of the US Supreme Court. When I argued to him in Riggins VS Nevada, Riggins v. Nevada (90-8466), 504 U.S. 127 (1992) (click here to read the argument), he was my most hostile questioner. I still remember when I said I wanted my client unmedicated so that he would appear in his natural demeanor. Scalia asked, if it was OK for a defendant to put on a clown suit. I felt like saying YES, if he borrowed one of yours, your Bozo-ness.  But,… Read More →

Israel Rocked By Trio Of Terror Attacks Before Noon On Thursday
December 31, 2015 — by Mace Yampolsky | Comments (0)

Attorney Mace Yampolsky comments on an article in OnlySimchas about terror attack on Israel. Will this ever end? This will inspire Israeli retribution. I can’t’ blame them. And then what will happen? Continued escalating violence? I guess since this has been going on since Biblical Times it won’t end anytime soon. The Arabs can lose innumerable wars. They just back off to fight another day. Israel can only lose one! Merry Christmas Israel!. “Three terror attacks have already hit Israel before noon on Thursday. In the first, at least two Israelis were seriously wounded in stabbing attack in Ariel area… Read More →

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